Tuesday, 2 September 2008

A nation of abdicators!

Let's face it.

All the shit we have coming is deserved. Deserved, because from top to bottom of British society (and many other countries)- people have ABDICATED, their duties and responsibility.

Starting with the general people

Who have abdicated the responsibility of maintaining a true democracy, by becoming lazy and unthinking. They have either totally given up or allow the media to make their minds up for them.

They have abdicated their freedom, by expecting big nanny government to do everything for them. She may be a nasty old nanny, who bullies and steals from them, but it doesn't matter. It stops people from having to accept the blame for their pathetic lives.

The have abdicated the right to self rule, that generations before them put their lives on the line to retain. What a shocking way to thank them, by allowing it all to slip away, without much of a murmur.

Then we move on to the media.

They have abdicated ALL notions of a free, balance and fair press. The media are now corporate whores, who manipulate the masses, as their paymasters demand.

They have abdicated real news and replaced it with trivia. Bread and circuses to keep the masses numb and docile.

We then look at teachers.

Who have abdicated all notions of getting kids to think critically and replaced it with robot farm thinking. Kids are indoctrinated more than ever now and churned out for low payed jobs. These teachers have stopped being teachers and become unthinking, repeaters.

Police up next.

They have abdicated the idea of innocent until proven guilty. Habeas Corpus hangs by a thread, as the police turn from protectors of the public, to control drones.


Most disappointing is what our local "representatives" have become. They have abdicated all notion of local accountability and powers, by becoming implementers. They do as they are told and pass the order on from down high. Of course they don't want to rock the boat, they have a fat gold plated public pension to look forward to.

We move on the MPs.

Who have abdicated their duty to run this country for its people. They have chosen to outsource all the real decision making, to a remote, corrupt and unelected bunch of crooks. That could be the EU as the next line of command, but ends at the people who have the real power in this world and have worked the system to make sure it stays that way.

Then we come to the Queen.

She swore a coronation oath, to protect our nation and not allow it to be given away by traitors. She has chosen to ABDICATE this responsibility and instead keep playing their game, in the hope that she will be allowed to keep her position and status.

Let's face it. We are a nation of losers. A nation of quitters and spineless pussies, who are a afraid to demand our freedom back. I include myself in that roll of shame too, because I see it all, but I am not doing enough to try and stop it happening.

We don't deserve to be free. We don't deserve to be prosperous.

We deserve to be slaves. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules at being slaves.

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