Saturday, 6 September 2008

The more I see of Jesse Ventura, the more I like!

I remember Jesse Ventura, as I used to watch wrestling as a kid. When he became governor of Minnesota, I though it was funny at the time, the people showing their contempt for the government.

However, that was before I began actually listening to what he had to say. Now he has done a speech in front of the thousands at the largely unreported "Ron Paul Restore The Republic" rally. Funnily enough, Russia Today, has actually given this some coverage, while the US and British media have pretended it didn't exist. Remind me who the "free" countries are again?

Anyway, here are some clips of the guy. Clearly a Libertarian, though more of a global Libertarian than me. While I would love to see the whole planet free, I believe in doing it piece by piece, instead of in one big go. Manageable chunks, that don't see the good parts ruined, by the fact people in the bad parts simply try to jump ship and overload the good bits.

I would still vote for him if I was an American though, unless Ron Paul was his opponent (who is more in line with my manageable chunks ideology). Check this out.

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