Friday, 19 September 2008

Panic, fear, scaremongering

Sorry for not positing much over the last couple of weeks. Firstly I was in Morocco, in a unique attempt to lose some weight. The way it works is that you go out there, eat some food, then come back and are ill for days on end.

Also, I have been working my arse off too, which is good, because it takes my mind off of all the mass hysteria being rammed down our throats at the moment.

This whole credit crunch has had a whiff of design to me, but then I don't trust the government with anything any more.

We never have had truly free markets or capitalism, yet that is what is getting blamed by the puppets in the media at the moment.

The fact governments are prolonging the pain, by artificially propping up the whole house of cards, with even more stolen (taxpayers) money, is hardly shock of the century.

Personally, I have lost a shit load, if I had to sell today. I don't so in reality I have lost NOTHING, so that's the attitude I am going to take. I pity those not so fortunate, who built up huge debts they can't service, but then that was always a dumb thing to do.

People who are losing their jobs I have more sympathy for. Through no fault of their own, they could be out on their ear, because of the stupidity of their companies bosses. It would be nice to see some account for these people, but I wouldn't hold my breath. They are the same people who push cash into the political party's, meaning they have nice get out of gaol free cards. Only the taxpayer can expect a good raping in these times.

Pensions are plummeting (including mine), but then I wasn't banking on retiring soon. Anyone who is just in that zone, where their funds haven't started being pushed into cash, must be feeling terrible. My sympathy lies with you. You tried to save, were robbed all your life and now will be left to beg the same vessel that put you in that position for money to live on. Big government really is just like a crack dealer. They will get you and fuck you over in the end.

Still, make the most of today's "rally", because the long term pain to pay for it will be severe, VERY severe. People might want to consider starting to make plans to get out of this country now for starters. Get your money (that you can access anyway, not like your pension funds) and run. Run like the wind, because socialist hell holes like this will be the worst. When the crack addicted layabouts who have never had to work. When the mass of public workers can no longer be maintained. When the private sector shrinks, under the strain for mass regulation and over-taxation.

This country will be like Mad Max. I don't fancy that personally, but I still can't persuade my wife that its do or die now. So see you in the Thunderdome. 2 men enter, 1 man leave.

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