Monday, 25 May 2009

Thanks for the support to our friends in America

Building LPUK Woking funds

While there is no official structure in Woking right now, I want to make sure that we have some funds and merchandise ready for when there is one.

On that score, I am now starting to build a local store. The first item I have in stock, using my lovely sponsors, is a nice t-shirt in large.

You can go and get stuff from the central site store, but if you want to help Woking Libertarians, then I offer you this fine t-shirt at the bargain price of 10 quid. That's right, 10 quid for a front and back printed t-shirt.

If you want another size, let me know and I can do that for 12 quid.

Well I have voted. Here's who and why!

I am not a big fan of postal voting. To me, the only reason you should have a postal vote (adding expense to an already expensive system and wide open to corruption), is if you have a very good reason not to go to a local polling station. I see it as a desperate attempt by the establishment to

a) Give credibility to a system that is losing all of its credibility.
b) Open up avenues to cheat, as long as you are in the established system.

Having said that, I do vote by post, as my job takes me out of the country at a moments notice and I always want to vote. Even if it is to spoil my ballot paper.

We have two elections to worry about this time, the locals, where some powerless rubber stampers are voted in to to push through what the centre tells them. Then we have the EU clown parliament, where we vote for a bunch of rubber stampers, who just take what the EU commission gives them and stamps their approval on it.

Both elections are pretty much a puppet show, so we all have to think why we are voting in them. In the past, I certainly have spoiled my ballot paper with a suitable message. This is a valid form of protest, but unfortunately, there will always be a percentage of people who follow what the media tell them and vote establishment for a party. SO if 90% spoiled their ballots and 10% voted LibLabCon, the end result is a massive win for the LibLabCon. Seems unfair doesn't it, but that is the way it is. The spoiled papers are just ignored and the establishment simply states how it will try harder to "engage" people in the future. No, spoiling the paper is not for me any more. I want to dislodge the cosy consensus and that means we all have to vote.

If I were lucky and lived in Wisbech, I would have a perfect candidate to vote for, Andrew Hunt has the honour of being the Libertarian Party UK's very first candidate, in any election. If you are in Wisbech, you should vote for him in the local election.

Maybe one day I will have time to run again in Woking, but until then, I have to make do with a substitute. So here I will run down through the partys and tell you why I didn't vote for them or in UKIP's case, why I did.


Yes I am going to group all of the mainstream "choices" into one party. They all have roughly the same agenda. All believe in the EU running this country. All believe in big government, big taxes and people outsourcing their responsibilities to the government. All three are to blame for the decline in values, standards and quality in this country. Even before the expenses scandal showed them all up for what we all expected, I would not have pissed on them if they were on fire. I am tired of seeing one puppet party handing over to another, rinse and repeat. The EU elections you should certainly not vote for any branch of this EU consensus, but on the local side, I would suggest you look hard at what your local candidates really believe and what they have achieved. I know some areas do have some good eggs, but I don't. I have the very epitome of what is wrong with politics, with Blue Labour dishing out high taxation and nanny state rules as much as the other two. They are off the list.


Not running in the locals here, which isn't a surprise as even though we have a reasonable mix of races, we all get on in the main and the BNP's lies don't wash here. Norman Tebbit had it spot on, when he called them "Labour with racism". I would add that they also have some even worse leadership than Labour, who really do believe in Hitler's way, so I am glad they are not an option on the local level. On the EU level, again I shun them, because the thought of them getting money from the EU gravy train to promote their National Socialist agenda sends chills down my spine.


You know what. Out of all the left leaning partys out there, the Greens are the least offensive to me. Sure they try and ram the religion of MMGW down our throats and sure they are watermelons (green on the outside, red on the in). There people on the ground though seem to be at least doing it for the right reasons, even if their leader Caroline Lucas is an utter fascist. Some of them are anti-EU, while others think they could reform the EU. If there was really no other option in the EU elections, then I would maybe hold my nose. However there are lots of alternatives, so they go in the bin and they are not running on the local level.


This party is an enigma to me. What exactly do they stand for? They seemed to be reasonable for a while, fighting the Lisbon Treaty and sounding quite EUsceptic. Of late though they have show a darker side. Praising the institutions of the EU. Repeating some of the most outrageous lies that the EUphiles try to con us with and having a weird fixation with attacking UKIP. The fact they have no real manifesto, other than they will polish the EU turd and they really are no option. They only run in the EU election and there are far better options.

English Democrats

This party is one I like one minute, then hate the next. They now say they are anti-EU (it took a while to get this out of them though) and they really do have some good points about the way England is treated. I don't really see why they run in the EU elections though, as their issue truly is local and that's where they should fight it, but they seem to think the publicity is worth the massive bill it costs to run in the EU election. Indeed, I have no idea how they afford it, when you consider their size, but I would say they ARE an option. I didn't choose them for the EU election though, as there is a clearly louder anti-EU voice to vote for. In the locals they are not running.

Roman Party

I have no idea who this person is. Whoever it is, he hasn't shown me he is a serious candidate for the EU's and is not a local candidate.

UK First

This is a spin off of the UKIP. I know some of the people in the party and have some respect for some of them. However, I feel this venture is a joke. They are pissed off with UKIP and want to piss on their parade. Sorry this simply isn't a good enough reason to vote for you in the EU elections. Not an option for me.


I left this party, because of a number of reasons. Unlike others though, I don't have any bad feeling towards them and indeed, they are my pick for the EU elections. Always. The LPUK won't won't in the EU joke elections (good), so they can concentrate on the UK. UKIP does the opposite, so I feel quite happy in voting UKIP to send the loudest anti-EU message. They are running in the locals for me too and the LibLabCon are the only other choice, so by default UKIP win my local vote too.

There are some other partys running, but they are all non runners as far as I am concerned. Peace sounds great, but this isn't about war. NO2EU sounds good, but they are commies. If you really can't stomach UKIP then PLEASE do choose one of the other "fringe" partys. We really do have to send a message to the crooks both in Brussels and Westminster!

Who represents the working class?

I grew up thinking that the Labour Party was the party of the working man. After all, my Dad worked his arse off, as did his Dad and they both supported Labour. The Tories were the party of the rich, the selfish and the greedy, while good old Labour were for us, the worker, the normal family whose parents had to work for a living.

What a total lie we lived under all those years. No, not just now that the Labour Party has become the party of war, lies, sleaze, corruption and surrender of power to the EU. Even back then the party was one big lie. Under Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock or anyone else, they never really stood for the working man.

Would a party that stood for the working man, looks to steal the fruits of that working man's labour? Would they hate that man, the harder he worked, the more he worked or the better he worked? Well that's what the Champagne Socialists in Labour always have done!

Sure they see themselves as very special. Very important. So important in fact, that the rules that the rest of us mugs have to follow, don't apply to them. They deserve THEIR huge wages, giant allowances and big kick backs. They work so hard, making 20% of this countries laws after all. Sure they outsourced 80% of the work to the unelected EU commission, but they are such diamonds that they deserve much more than doctors, teachers or any private industry worker. That's why they think abusing the expenses system is justified. They just can't believe us utterly ungrateful plebs could question this fact in their mind.

They have nothing but utter love for themselves and utter contempt for us. Yes us, the working people of this country that fill their troughs. Us the people who have REAL jobs, that produce REAL wealth and not the non-jobs they created with a mind to create ready made voters for their wretched party.

The Labour Party and Socialism as a whole, is the biggest scam the world has ever seen played on its people. It pretends to be for the people it actually despises. They will suck the REAL worker dry, in order to build their voter base. That voter base being the lazy, the feckless and the immoral. Stop falling for it people, the workers of this country deserve a lot better than this shower of shite will ever offer.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

So, what's the score with regards to the dead tree press?

I remember when I was younger, reading a newspaper every day. I didn't have the internet for the first half of my life, so the only sources for news were the papers and T.V. When you think that was the case for everyone, that is pretty horrifying. Horrifying, because there are so few owners of these media source. In effect, we have a few puppet masters, all part of the establishment themselves, pulling the strings of their various MSM outlets.

Fast forward to today though and things have radically changed. The Internet is now a solid part of society, meaning not only do you have the old MSM sources, but just about anyone who can be bothered to write a blog, or even just put posts on a forum. The "dead tree press" of course have their stalls set out on the net too, but they now know that people can jump from source to source very easily. I quite often will see a story that comes from an MSM source, then go and find other places that give a bit more info, a different opinion or completely debunks it.

I haven't actually bought a paper for years now. The only time I pick up a newspaper is if it is free, lying on a cafe table or once in a blue moon there will be a CD/DVD bundled that would get me to purchase. Simply put, if you have the internet, then if its all about the actual news for you, then papers are a waste of time. Of course, papers are more than that, with specific articles, pictures of women, etc. All of which I can get on the net too, but if you have a favourite author, then they may lure you back.

Still, just of late, the MSM have managed to claw back a little credibility. Just before the EU and local elections, the Telegraph of all papers has seemingly taken a giant dump in the political establishments pool. Of course we are talking about the expenses scandal here and I have to say, I thank them for that. I even considered rewarding them with a subscription, but I think it may be too soon for that. Let's see how they cover the next general election.

So to wrap up, I will give you my opinion of all the "main" dead tree efforts of late. All of them are feeding from this expenses scandal (which has probably been going on since parliament began), but each one has shown what kind of agenda it's owners have. Baring this in mind, I hope all readers take their "news" from such sources with a large pinch of salt. The most difficult thing today is trying to work out which story is the most accurate, but I feel it becomes easier the more you read.

The Daily Telegraph

Always known as the Torygraph and for good reason. However, with this expenses scandal, the Tories have had the boot put in just as much. Indeed, UKIP of all partys, seems to have been given a fair amount of coverage too, but on the good side. This is unheard of and I am suspicious that it will last. Unless the Telegraphs agenda was to completely destabilise democracy in this country, ready to hand over to out real overlords in the EU, then they should be praised for the expose.

The Daily Mail

This paper is an enigma to me. It has a nasty fascist past and many people still know it as "The Malicious". It definitely has a negative tone to it, but I have to say that in the past year, they seem to have hit some very important points about the erosion of civil liberties etc. However, we now see the REAL Mail coming into view for the GE. Don't vote for the nutters in UKIP they say. Don't even think about picking a non establishment party. Just keep on voting with the EU controlled LibLabCon-sensus and we'll all be fine. No, The Mail is not the people's friend. It is a pressure valve.

The Guardian

The Guardian has been shrinking away for some time. The most leftist paper there is, that has decided that Lib Dems should be it's target audience. They will sneer at anything that doesn't believe in a big state solution. They will pump global warming propaganda your way until you are sick. However, they have been fairly fair about the whole state of politics at the moment. No real abuse of the smaller partys, just an acceptance that they will benefit from the fall out. The BNP of course get abused regularly (but then I can see why), so maybe they really would be happier just to see the vote not go to them.

The Independent

This paper should be shut down for being against the trades description act. There is nothing independent about this rag. It's like the Guardian on steroids, abusing anything that might believe in individual liberty, while pretending to be a supporter. Massive propagandists for MMGW. Huge supporters of the EU, Lib Dems and anything that forces us to live how they think is right. I used to scoff at the term "Liberal Fascists" as an oxymoron, but now I see this is a precise description of this paper. Indeed that would be the best title of this rag "The Oxymoron".

The Times

This is definitely establishment to the core. Cheerleader for the EU, thinly veiled support for Blue Labour and attack dog against any small party that dare run. I have no time for The Times.

The Sun/News Of The World

Same paper really and the lowest common denominator of the media. It's popular, because it isn't too serious and people should remember that. They seem to be focused soley on being popular, so sometimes they will be for the establishment and other times against. They always seem anti-EU, but in a non serious way. That's simply because they know the British people are and hence, they just want the money. Treat it as a comic and it does the job.

The Express

Another interesting one. I actually see a lot of sense coming from this paper, but sometimes they come a little bit too close to the BNP view, while then slamming the BNP. I would say they are the best tabloid at the moment, but like The Sun, I am sure they are simply trying to be popular.

The Mirror

Awful, awful rag. The "New Labour" of the media world. Paint themselves as the "working man's" paper, but in reality, they just mirror the shallow, principle free joke that the Labour Party have become. They have always tried to be the opposite of the Sun, but they have totally lost their way. Their best point was their opposition to the war on Iraq, but since then it has all been downhill. If it became the true voice of socialism again, it would have a place, but as things stand it needs to go.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What a surprise

More proof that there is only once choice in the EU elections

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Real Labour Election Broadcast

They are no worse than the Tories though. It's time we cleaned the lot of them out.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Old English poem circa 1764 (hat tip Sarah McCartney)

They hang the man and flog the woman
That steal the goose from off the common,
But let the greater villain loose
That steals the common from the goose.

The Law demands that we atone
When we take things we do not own
But leaves the lords and ladies fine
Who take things that are yours and mine.
The poor and wretched don't escape
If they conspire the law to break;
This must be so but they endure
Those who conspire to make the law.

The law locks up the man or woman
Who steals the goose from off the common.
And geese will still a common lack
Till they go and steal it back.

Strange letter from the Lib Dems (EU Yellow)

Living in Woking can be hard sometimes. It's great for being a short train ride from the City.

It's got good motorway connections. Near but not too near to the airports. It is lovely and green and has decent shopping and amenities. My God do we pay for some of that through extortionate local taxes and sure the council is envirofascist to the point of insanity, but that isn't the reason it can be hard.

The reason it can be hard is that we have the Lib Dem clowns as the second biggest party here. Labour were destroyed a long time ago, so if you want an alternative to Blue Labour (formally the Conservatives), then our media tells us that is the Lib Dems.

Now the Lib Dems came quite close to the Tories at one point. Indeed, they through a lot of resources at Woking in the last GE, only to lose ground and it would seem a lot of heart since then.

We were getting their pitiful rag "Focus" regularly and come election time, they must have wiped out vast chunks of the Amazon rain forest to make the leaflets. None of them ever said anything meaningful, with the usual two horse race garbage and complete drivel that only the Lib Dems could think was useful. You still had to respect their hard work and activist base though. Posters were up all over the place. Each leaflet was hand delivered by what must have been a dedicated team.

That has all changed now though. The leaflets have dried up. I can't remember the last time I had Focus and for the EU elections, I really wondered if they were even going to bother with it. After all, they seem to be just as happy as Labour and Blue Labour in ignoring the EU issue most of the time. There are no posters anywhere and too be honest, I like it that way.

Today though, both I and my wife received a letter. It is made too look like it was delivered by post, but it is actually nothing to do with the post office. They have printed off all the addresses on the electoral role and addressed it to people. I'm sure this must help get people to read it, rather than just bin a leaflet as you would with a pizza leaflet. So well done on that.

But, the contents of the letter really is dire. No worse than dire, pathetic.

It starts off telling me how everywhere she goes, people are telling her it is hard. Well, I'm sorry, but you have never asked me, so exactly where do you go Rosie Sharpley (Lib Dem Campaigner for Woking she is address as at the top).

She tells us that Gordon Brown has failed our country and it needs urgent action to get it back on track. No mention of the fact that Britain takes its orders from the EU and that over 75% of our law comes from there now, but then this is the Lib Dems.

It then goes on to say we need to work with other countries to create jobs and tackle crime. Well no, business may choose to work with other countries, but that should be their call. 80% of trade is domestic, with 10% coming from the EU and 10% the rest of the world. Free trade with the whole world is the best idea, but getting our own markets deregulated and efficient (IE low tax) is the best idea. The EU won't let us do that though.

She says sadly not everyone agreed, which is true. The BNP think we should shut up the gates and stop free trade and cooperation with the world, but that isn't who Rosie goes on to attack.

"UKIP would withdraw from Europe completely" she says. Errrr, how would they do that Rosie. Europe is a continent and while UKIP thinks Britain should trade and co-operate with other countries in Europe, it simply doesn't believe in centralising power into a few out of touch, undemocratic and corrupt hands. So no need to tell lies Rosie, even if that is the Lib Dem way.

She says the Conservatives are divided on the issue. True to a point, but not when it comes to the Tory leadership. They are big fans of the EU running Britain, as I guess they don't think they are capable of doing it themselves. While I do think the Tories are useless, I would rather I could sack the people that are screwing up. We can't do that with the EU commissioners.

She then goes on to say how Lib Dem MEP Shown Bowels have been fighting Conservative plans for an incinerator in Surrey. This is epic weasel words, from the party of weasels. The only reason why county councils are having to look at incineration, is because the EU (yes that organisation the Lib Dems love so much) has decreed that Britain can't do landfill any more. What exactly would you do with the rubbish Rosie and Sharon? Recycling is failing now that no one wants the recycling. Warehouses are filling up with the junk, because China no longer is willing to take it and there are less boats to take it now anyway. What exactly would you do? Because you don't bother to tell us in your letter.

She then comically goes on to slam "record breaking Council Tax bills". Yes Rosie, because your party spends money like a drunken sailor when it comes to other people's money. You support all the big government, big waste schemes forced on us by the EU. You support the EU running this country, even though the EU is running this country into the ground. You hypocrite. You liar.

Then we get the biggest joke of all, with Rosie calling for more transparency and less waste here and in Europe. Pulling out of the EU would save us billions and we could then focus on our own elected government, instead of the out of touch crooks in Brussels. They just add another layer of politicians that we don't need. When it comes to corruption and waste, the EU is king, yet Rosie and the Lib Dems (who are neither Liberal nor democratic) slavishly bow down to it.

"Sharon has backed action in the European Parliament that has led to the arrest of thousands of criminals". What? How vacuous can you get. What EXACTLY can an EU parliament do to improve our law and order system, that Westminster couldn't have done. Nothing is the answer and Sharon "backing" the EU will have had precisely zero affect on anything. They couldn't care less what a nobody like her does.

They even go on and try to nick UKIP's tag line of "lending" it your vote.

What a bunch of clowns they are.

Monday, 11 May 2009

New Control Meter to be forced on us


The government has unveiled plans for every home in Britain to be equipped with smart meters by the end of 2020.
Smart meters allow suppliers to remotely record customers' gas and electricity use, and let consumers see how much energy they are using.
Some 26 million electricity and 22 million gas meters will need to be fitted at a cost of £7bn.

When the government announces something like this, then you need to worry.

Why has this needed the government to force it through, if it has such wonderful benefits for the companies and consumer?

Its just another bullying mechanism folks.

Two contrasting videos of an Ahtoritarian and a Libertarian.

First the Libertarian and a calm and measured explanation on why free markets are the way and getting the government out of them the best idea.

No some comedy. Authoritarian George Galloway having his arse handed to him. He's O.K. when he has a clear run to talk on the war, but anything else and he is left wanting. Question the fool and he resorts to abuse. He really is a tool.

Galloway could have simply stated he didn't know a name of the top of his head, but that he could find some, as there are still nutters who do preach hatred of Gays. God hates fags being one such organisation.

But he didn't because he was so blinded by his own bias, that he went down a rat hole.


Saturday, 9 May 2009

Superb video from America

Yes the hypocrisy is sickening, but that is EXACTLY how our system now works.

Hard working people are being robbed, to fund not just those who can't work, but won't work too.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The voice of opposition in the clown parliament

Operation bust em

So, today we have more announcements that the vile ID card system continues to be forced through.

They will use the true definition of fascism, but combing corporate and government power, to enslave the people of this country and beyond.

Boots and Snappy Snaps have jumped straight in to try and and assist the most authoritarian government of modern times.

It's time the freedom loving people of this country sent them a message.

BOYCOTT all companies that assist the government with their enslavement system.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Amen to this

Why don't all Brits feel like this? Even the ones suckling off the teat of a bloated and criminal state.

More gross hypocrisy from David Millipede

Government mouthpiece

The government is seeking to rent a private jet for the use of Foreign Secretary David Miliband.
A tender for the hire of a charter aircraft was issued in February and will last two years, it is understood.
The ministerial code states that scheduled flights should be used unless deemed impractical.
The Foreign Office said its decision was aimed at securing value for money following changes in the availability of RAF flights for ministers.
A spokesman said: "Unlike a lot of other countries we don't have a Foreign Office plane.
"We always try to use commercial airlines but sometimes that is not practical. Until now we have been able to use the RAF in those circumstances.
"Changes in the RAF mean we need the ability to charter aircraft sometimes at short notice - value for money is a top priority."

Yep. Not content with destroying the RAF (in preparation for Britain's complete dissolving into the EU), Dave decided to take the piss some more.

How many times have we had to endure this smug, self satisfied and sanctimonious arsehole, preaching to us on the terrible dangers of global warming? Yes, us plebs must sacrifice everything, while jumped up non-achievers like this Muppet, jet around in their own private jet.

Remind me what this utter twat has ever achieved? Because I am struggling big time.

Hypocrite doesn't describe this tool. Satanic spawn of a pig with flu does.

We have to kick these mugs out ASAP. Replacing them with identimugs from Blue Labour isn't a solution though. It's time we kicked the whole smug consensus LibLabCon-sensus out. Before they make the damage beyond repair.

Friday, 1 May 2009

The time for action is now. Join LPUK

Do you remember Matthew Taylor a Government spokesmen at No 10 saying that the Web was 'fuelling a crisis of confidence in politics', That was in 2006.

In 2006 The media was largely sown up by the Labour Government after 'seizing control' of the BBC in the aftermath of the Kelly Affair.

The Fourth Estate, the Press were under the thumb of the likes of Damien McBride.

In 2007, the LPUK was born out of a total frustration with the 'Big Brother' State, and the seeming non existant opposition to the Government by the Tories and Social Democrats. The LPUK was the first Party born out of the 'Net'

The Political Blogs were the only force that was consistantly exposing graft,corruption, expense fiddling and incompetance of Big State, High Tax Government.

Guido Fawkes claimed his first real scalp in McBride, where the media were too intimidated or in the pocket of the Government. Today he is reporting Three Million readers.

The Net is not fuelling a crisis in politics it is exposing a crisis and rotteness that is in the body

Please Join the Libertarian Party, we do not need a tinkering with the system by the Labour/Conservatives/Social Democrats we need need a total overhaul of our system and a massive reduction in the size of the State. We are in Debt, our unborn Children and Grandchildren are in Debt. Is this the legacy we are going to leave the next generations ?

0845 299 7650- Libertarian Party UK

Why I shall be voting UKIP for the EU elections.

I am a Libertarian Party member, yet I am advocating voting for UKIP at the EU joke elections. Why?

Here is why.

LPUK have taken the honest, correct and principled stand of not standing in those elections. This brings a number of benefits.
a) It won't be corrupted by the EU system that is designed to corrupt.
b) LPUK will focus on the elections that truly matter. The UK one's.
c) It is in line with the party's principles, that we don not want or need bigger
d) The party can concentrate on building itself up, instead of being sidetracked by
a joke election.

UKIP on the other hand, have always had one simple and clear goal. That is to
help Britain withdraw from the EU. Now I think that is extremely important, but I also think a true alternative needs to be offered here in the UK. I have never felt UKIP focused enough on that side, hence I am now with LPUK. This EU election though isn't about putting people into to run anything. MEPs don't make decisions, the EU unelected commission does. For that reason, the only reason to vote in these joke elections, is to send a message. Now you could send a message by not voting or not turning up. Fair enough, but that is a message that will get completely ignored. People who vote LibLabCon will make it look like this country supports the EU, even if only 30% of people turned up.

So if you REALLY want to send a message to the career politicians, that have sunk us deeper into the disgusting EU, for the sake of their own careers and self importance, then you have to vote for a party that shouts out the message loud and clear, "WE DON'T WANT THE EU".

Now there are actually a few options if you want to send that message. UKIP is the big one and the loudest one for me, as they have staked their party on the issue from day one. They of course have their problems, but it doesn't matter for this election. We just want to say "Screw he EU" and voting UKIP will do that loud and clear.

The next option is the BNP. For me this is like calling the anti-EU movement a bunch of racist fascists though. Indeed, I think it could do more damage than good to the anti-EU cause, if the political lepers of Britain get a significant vote. People don't like the BNP for a number of good reasons, so I would suggest they are a poor option for simply saying no to the EU.

Then we have NO2EU. Great name I have to say and if you are an out and out Socialist/Communist and truly can't stomach UKIP, then maybe these will have to do you. For me though, the message should be a united and loud NO via UKIP, as they have the best chance of beating the LibLabCon.

The English National partys really frustrate me. They really shouldn't be running in this election. I have a lot of sympathy for some of the things they say, but they are so obsessed, that that will happily ignore the huge issues that are valid for this election, to keep on trying to promote their ideas. Focus on the locals and national elections guys. You are wasting your money on this one.

Then finally, some people way think Libertas are an option. If you are of the opinion that big government can be good and that there are things that Britain is incapable of coming to the right decisions on, then I guess Libertas are an option for you. If you are like me though and don't accept that we need bigger government at all and only want to shout NO MORE to the EU and the puppets who help it in this country, then Libertas are actually the enemy.

Come on everyone. These EU elections are not about anything other than sending a message. A vote for the LibLabCon is a massive YES, keep on going to the EU. A vote for UKIP is the loudest and clearest, NO we have had enough, give us our money back and we shall run our own affairs again. For sure our governments will be useless at times (like now), but we shall have to power to turf the lot of them out.

We don't have that power in the EU. Send the message and put any past prejudices behind you. Then you can choose the party closest to your true beliefs in local and national elections.

Swine flu

When I heard this term, I thought politicians were dropping down with flu. However, I was wrong. What we have here, is another excuse for big government to panic, frighten and scare people, in a pathetic attempt to appear useful.

If a person sniffs, they are put on the suspect list.

Look at the facts though. The amount of people dying from it, is tiny. More people die from being scared at the movies.

The amount of money now being blown on rubbish such as masks and leaflets to scare people even more, is getting silly.

If you want to let the government scare you into thinking there is some major disaster coming, then you have it in your power to act. You can buy a mask, you can choose not to travel and you can go ask for jabs.

What you don't have the right to do, is to steal other people's money to do this. Yet this is what your government, who scared you in the first place and have various directors and advisers who have interests in the drug companies etc.

When are we all going to stop falling for these scumbags and their puppets in the media?